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Hair removal

E-light IPL RF Laser Hair Removal

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Today, the use of lasers is very extensive. For example, laser removal of nevus, laser removal of tattoos, and laser hair removal. One laser hair removal technique I will introduce today is the E-light laser hair removal. It works by shining a laser pulse of specific energy on the skin. This causes the hair follicles to be damaged by laser irradiation and the hair to fall out. Since this technique has been clinically tested for a long time, laser hair removal is harmless to the body. Therefore, there have been many hair removal devices have been developed in modern society.


E-light combines three core technologies, IPL, RF and skin cooling technology. It combines the advantages of IPL and RF. On the one hand, skin hair follicles selectively absorb IPL energy. When melanin absorbs enough IPL energy, hair follicles are destroyed. At the same time, skin also absorbs RF energy. RF can tighten the skin, make the skin elastic. Cooling technology can eliminate skin discomfort and complications caused by laser heat. So, the hair removal effect and safety of E-light are very mature.


How Many Treatment Do I Need?

The treatment time for hair removal for different parts of the body may be different. Because the laser probes of general instruments are relatively small, the treatment area is not large. An area as large and small as the lips can be treated in about a minute. But the treatment of an area like the thigh can take an hour. The treatment cycle is 2-3 months, and it is good to treat 3 courses.


Treatment Process

1.Wash the area needing treatment for 3 minutes.
2. Scrape the hair that needs laser removal.
3. Daubing the gel to the area where the hair will be scraped off.
4. Before turning on the device, the operator needs to wear protective glasses, and the patient needs to wear glasses or eye masks.
5. shooting 2 to 3 spots on the bottom of the ear to test whether it will be allergic. If you have allergies, please stop treatment.
6. Set the instrument parameters.
7. After the treatment is completed, you need to apply cold compress and apply gel or cosmetics to the treatment area.

Before & After



1.What is The Different form other hair removal?

At present, common hair removal methods are: shaving, wax removal, hair removal cream, electric hair removal device, and ice point hair removal. So, what is the difference between them and laser hair removal?
Laser removal is permanent and does not feel as painful as plucking.Healthy and reliable.

2.What Kind Of Other Product Need?

It is necessary to use a gel to do the cooling protection measures.

Side Effect

There will be a slight bit of tingling, which may burn the skin if not handled properly. Therefore, it is necessary to let the professionals operate during the treatment.

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