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Tecar physical therapy

Lingmei Physiotherapy Tecar Therapy RF Diathermy RET CET Tekar Physcial Indiba Therapy Equipment Smart Tecar

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Model:Tecar RF01
Product name:Lingmei Physiotherapy Tecar Therapy RF Diathermy RET CET Tekar Physcial Indiba Therapy Equipment Smart Tecar

Instruction of RET CET Tecar:

Tecar therapy as a system of capacitive and resistive electric transfer,which is one of the methods used in diathermy,was developed as a form of deep thermotherapy ,delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy,which passes between active electrode and inactive electrode,and generates heat in the human body.

The advantages of RET CET Magic Tecar:

1.Double frequency:

300Khz and 450khz make RET and CET really have deep and shallow differences,the deeper penetration of ret can reach 10cm without energy loss.

2.High power:

In terms of time,similar products are around 80w,our maximum power is 300w,and practical power is 250w,High power means that the internal components must be of good quality.

3.Patent appearance.

Unique appearane design.

4.Handle diversification

Optional double 80mm handle allows better flexibility in operation,and  better physiotherapy effect.

5.Large screen

10.4-inch led touch screen.

Handpieces with smart tecar:

Capasitive energy tranfer:

CET technique works in tissue containing a high content of electrolytes such as muscle and soft tissue.

Resistive energy transfer:

RET technique works in tissue with  higher resistance such as bones,tendons,and joints,The deeper penetration of ret also helps dissolve and soften deep stubborn fat and circulates the fat out of  the body to achieve weight loss.


Effect of smart tecar: 

The heat speeds up metabolism.this cause blood to flow faster,and to  become more oxygenated,the result is that more oxygen,and other healing properties of your body's natural systems,are rushed to the site,the waste is also removed more quickly,the overall result is that your pain is reduced significantly,and the injury is healed more quickly.

Real pictures for this physiotherapy tecar product:

Technical parameters with RET CET Tecar:

Product name RET CET Tecar physical therapy equipment
Voltage 110v/220v
RF Frequency 0.3-0.5KHZ
Maximum power 300w
Hands size 20mm,40mm,60mm
Package dimension 500*450*370mm
Package weight  15kg alu box

Note:80mm ret handle optional,non-standard.

standard configuration accessories:

1.host machine

2.CET handle  1pc

3.RET handle 1pc

4.CET tips       3pcs

5.RET tips       3pcs

6. Negative Board   1pc

7.Hexagonal screw driven  1pc

8.Hexagonal screw   2pcs

Lingmei Tecar Lifting Machine Portable Diathermy RET CET Tekar Indiba Machine For smart tecar

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