7d hifu machine with hifu cartridges

MMFU(Macro & Micro Focused Ultrasound) Macro and micro high-intensity focused ultrasound systems, non-surgical face lifting, firming and body contoursystem; It was developed to use ultrasound heat to treat a variety of symptoms;which Can be generated in the focusing region by the transducer. The micro high-intensity focused ultrasound system of MMFU has a smaller focus than other HIFU devices and it can more accurately transfer the high-intensity focused ultrasound energy of 65-75 degrees to the target skin tissue layer,resulting in thermal solidification effect without harming the surrounding tissues.
It will stimulate collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia while greatly improving comfort, giving you a perfect V-face experience, leaving your skin full and tight.Skin structure from shallow to deep, generally it is divided into epidermal layer, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, SMAS fascia layer. Facial aging is generated from the inside out, mainly related to the aging of SMAS layer, internal soft tissue loss, outer skin sagging and other three factors.
The fascia layer of SMAS is our superficial muscle aponeurosis system,mainly composed of muscles, aponeurosis and fat, located deep in the skin. Aging of this tissue layer is the root cause of wrinkled skin.