what is 808nm laser hair removal and how to work?

808nm laser hair removal

With the improvement of living standards, people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher. For female friends, the pursuit of beauty is already a habit of life. In order to have a perfect body, whitening skin, whitening face skin. They will pay a lot of money and time to carve themselves. One situation will make female friends very disgusted. Armpit hair, because for female friends, armpit hair looks always unnatural, so they all think of ways to get rid of the armpit hair. When they wearing a skirt, or swimming in the summer, will not look embarrassing.
So is there any way to effectively remove the armpit hair? Today, I will introduce you to professional hair removal technology, which is 808nm laser hair removal technology.

How it work?

808nm laser hair removal technology principle is based on the photothermic theory. There is plenty of melanin in hair follicles and hair shafts. Melanin scatters among hair bulbs and hair shaft structure(like medullary substance, cortex and cuticula pili).808nm laser hair removal technology targets on melanin and treat selectively in a precise way. Melanin could absorb the energy from the laser, which would result in temperature rapid increase, to destroy surrounding hair follicles, and finally removal hair.

How many treatment I need?

This machine is designed to removal hair for all skin areas expect eyelids.Different body area will be need different treatment time. The treatment cycle is generally every one to two weeks to do once, once for a cycle, do 4 to 6 cycles can basically remove hair. When you accept therapy at a different place of the body. The treatment time will vary depending on the site of therapy.

Before and after:

Side & effect

Different pulse widths are available according to different demands.Contact cooling system works at the same time.All above make the treatment process more comfortable,safe and convenient.The “sealing”-like treatment way is convenient for treatment operation.
Adverse reaction has: the skin is allergic, bilge red, the skin is dark heavy, of course these are to operate improper ability to be able to bring about, treat so must professional personnel will undertake operation.

Note that the following conditions are not acceptable for treatment: 1.Pregnant
2.Skin allergy
3.Skin is basked in
4.Person with skin disease

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