What is IPL Machine and IPL SHR Laser Hair Removal Treatment

In the season of beauty, hair is the most redundant existence, so many people need to put hair removal on the beautiful schedule, in addition to the previous hair removal cream, there is also a strong pulse light hair removal, strong pulse light hair removal can be permanently removed Hair, eliminating the trouble of repeated hair removal. IPL Hair Removal Treatment with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) ensures a painless, ultrafast and safe treatment. All of our care is designed to meet the busy lifestyle of our customers, minimizing downtime. You can resume all normal activities immediately after your IPL permanent hair removal treatment.

What is IPL? How does it remove hair?

The strong pulsed light of IPL hair removal is a color light with a wavelength from 475 to 1200 nm and combines various therapeutic effects. Ipl is an abbreviation of strong pulsed light. Photon hair removal can penetrate the epidermis, is absorbed by the hair follicle in the dermis, generates heat energy, destroys the hair follicle, and removes the photon to obtain permanent hair removal effect. At the same time, it can produce chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis layer, and promote skin collagen regeneration and rearrangement.

Treatment Process

1. Wash the area needing treatment for 3 minutes.
2. Scrape the hair that needs laser removal.
3. Daubing the gel to the area where the hair will be scraped off.
4. Before turning on the device, the operator needs to wear protective glasses, and the patient needs to wear glasses or eye masks.
5. shooting 2 to 3 spots on the bottom of the ear to test whether it will be allergic. If you have allergies, please stop treatment.
6. Set the instrument parameters.
7. After the treatment is completed, you need to apply some skin cream to the treatment area.

How Many Treatment Do I Need?

The results are gradual and become more pronounced after each treatment. Most people noticed an improvement after the first treatment, reduced hair and slower regeneration. The number of sessions depends on your particular skin and hair condition and the results you are trying to achieve. Generally, 8 to 12 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart (depending on the region) is needed to remove 80% to 90% of the hair.

The advantages of IPL treatment

IPL photon hair removal is to restore the original elasticity of the skin, eliminate or reduce wrinkles and reduce pores while photon hair removal. Improves skin texture, skin tone and tightens skin It has the effect of solving mild skin problems such as mild hair keratosis and uneven skin tone. A major advantage of IPL photon hair removal is that the spot size is large, up to 5 square centimeters, so the hair removal speed is very fast. Slight pain.

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1. How does IPL hair removal work?
IPL works by emitting light to the skin. The light is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair and turned into heat. The heat generated then destroys the cells responsible for growing new hair.

2. What should I do before IPL treatment?
Avoid sun exposure for a long time before treatment. Avoid spray tanning at least one week prior to treatment. Do not wax at least 2-3 weeks before. Do not pick at least 1-2 weeks before treatment. Please shave in 1-2 days in advance!

3. Is IPL treatment hurt?
Depending on the area you are treating, there may be minor injuries. Areas such as the back and legs are almost harmless, while areas such as the pubic area and neck are very sensitive.

4. I have red /ginger /gray/white hair, will IPL hair remove me?
White and gray hair is not suitable and the results are not satisfactory. IPL can work on red hair to some extent, depending on how much brown pigmentation is present at the root of the hair. The results will vary. IPL has the best effect on dark hair.

5. How long does it take me to get results from IPL to remove hair?
On the day of treatment, your current hair cycle will be killed by the IPL light. You may notice that the beard after the hair looks “tired”. Hair loss takes about 10-18 days. Then, your new hairstyle cycle will start in a week or two, and then repeat the process.

6. Is IPL safe?
IPL is widely used and its use is not limited. IPL has been used for many years and is considered a safe and effective way to remove excess hair and various skin regenerations.

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