What is rf machine and radio frequency body slimming treatment

Getting more and more popular. With the rapid development of the economy, the standard of living has improved, more and more people care more about their appearance and their health, such as don’t like acne faces, pursue the tightening skin, skin rejuvenation and slimming body. So skin rejuvenation tightening and fat reduction is more than a goal these days, it’s an entire industry. However, the traditional unsafe way can no longer satisfy the current pursuit of health and beauty. Therefore, a scientific and efficient beauty machine slowly appears in the public eye. Radio frequency body slimming could meet everyone’s needs.

What Is The Radio Frequency Body Slimming Treatment?

Radio frequency body slimming machine directly acts on the dermis through the epidermis and directly generates heat from the inside of the human body. When the thermal energy of the dermal tissue reaches 40. C–60. At C, collagen fibers produce an immediate contraction that stimulates and secretes more collagen to fill the shrinking and lost collagen voids. As the collagen in the dermis continues to grow and align, the relaxed skin can be treated after treatment. The tight effect of the skin tightens and the soft support of the skin is presented. As collagen becomes more and more dermal layer thickness and density increase fills wrinkles to eliminate scars to restore skin elasticity and luster, sagging skin makes full and firm and elastic.
Radio frequency is a revolutionary treatment that can tighten the skin and blast fat cells without the need for surgery to achieve weight loss. This treatment is non-invasive and therefore ideal for those who do not want to have surgery or who do not think they are large enough. Amanda Horton and Mel B, which are favored by celebrities, have gained a lot of fans on the radio frequency and will soon become the first choice for body weight loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Radio Frequency Body Slimming Treatment?

1. Quicken the blood circulation in the part of skin treated and has the effect of decomposing fat.
2. Improve absorption of cream, lotion and decrease acne.
3. Tighten skin and decrease fine wrinkles.
4. Stimulate collagen cells and increase skin flexibility.
5. Reshape the outline of the face.

How Long Does A Radio Frequency Body Slimming Treatment Session Last?

If you visited a dermatologist, you might go once every 6 months. With your in-home RF machine, it depends on the results you want and the power of the machine. You might do one to three treatments a week, and it may take from one to three months to see results.
For the body, the course of treatment takes about 25-40 minutes, usually recommended every two to two weeks, and an average of eight times in a body treatment.
Radio frequency is not only on body slimming, but it also has face rf. For the face, it is recommended to apply a four-time treatment (once every three to four weeks) for firming the face. In our joint treatment training program, patients usually receive six treatments in six weeks and then receive one treatment every four weeks
After one treatment, you would feel your skin more delicate and tighten. But every patient is different, most people can see the best result after one course of treatment.

What Contraindications You Should Pay Attention To Doing Radio Frequency Body Slimming Treatment?

Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Heart problem, disease or pacemaker.
Kidney damage, disease or problem.
Liver damage, disease or problem.
Acute inflammatory process.
Hemorrhagic disease, trauma or bleeding.
Medical plastic parts or parts with metal inside.
Immune system abnormality.
Numbing or insensitive to heat.
Avoid using during menstruation.

How Much Does This Radio Frequency Body Slimming Treatment Cost?

This 30 minutes firming treatment costs about $500 for each session. If you want to see long-lasting and significant results, the recommended number of treatments is about 4 to 6 times.

FAQs About Radio Frequency Body Slimming Treatment?

1. How does it feel when using radio frequency treatment?
Most people find this treatment painless and comfortable. Some people may feel a slight discomfort because certain noises spread in the body, but they do not cause damage and disappear once they are removed. You will also feel warm during the treatment. If the weather is less likely to get warmer, you can ask for an extra ultrasound gel immediately.
2. Is radio frequency safe? Have any side effects?
In most cases, radio frequency is a very safe and comfortable feeling by skin sensor and matching system.
3. Does radio frequency relax the skin?
No, there is a certain elasticity in the skin of the person, so there will be a tightening effect. In addition, the Italian RF slimming device is the best skin-slimming device in the world. After 1-2 times of radio frequency treatment after liposuction, the skin will be smooth and firm, and the slimming and shaping effect will be more thorough.
4. After doing radio frequency body slimming treatment, will the weight drop dramatically?
Excretion does not reduce a lot of weight, because fat is lighter than muscle, reducing the fat of two or three pounds, you can reduce the waist circumference by 5 cm, the improvement of the body curve will be very obvious, but the weight loss is not obvious.

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